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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Just wanted to thank you for your service. My father is in his 80's and lives on his own with none of his kids living in Winnipeg. Your heat & eat packs ensure he's getting tasty & healthy meals and it's so simple for us to make sure there are good things for him in his fridge. Cooking has never been something he enjoyed or did very well. Thank you very much. ~ Gail A.

I have been in the store quite a few times and bought pre-assembled meals (which we loved)! I never bothered with the assembling aspect of the meals b/c I thought it would take too much time and also thought it might be tricky!  Your store/kitchen is so so so organized and the system you have is down to a science !! This made it super quick as well as easy to understand and follow..and presto I had 5 meals ready to go. The food also smelled so delicious that I couldn't wait to try them all out. I will be back for another assembling session very soon!! Your March menu looks fantastic! Way to go - I will be recommending Supper Central to every busy Mom I know!! ~ Erin M.

I had nothing planned for supper tonight (happens too often), so I stopped by your store. As soon as I walked in I was very impressed with the design and cleanliness of your store. Crystal was great, helping me choose a great meal. I purchased the Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry, and my family loved it! It was great not having to worry about menu planning, meal prep or the time for it all. The meal was fresh and tasted great, with just the right amount of "bite" to the sauce. I really think this is going to help us eat healthier, more balanced meals. ~Becky M.

My husband and I were in your shop this afternoon and made up three dinners.  We are looking forward to making the next one!  Thank you for this new idea.  It translates into one happy cook at our home...two actually, as my husband, never a person who enjoyed cooking, helped along every step.  Thanks, and we'll be back! ~Mardi R.

Thank YOU both for such a great experience around meals!  I am so grateful your help and the chance to prepare so easily such yummy sounding meals!  The quality of the ingredients, the cleanliness of your location, and you all being so willing to help out at each stage was much appreciated!  I know already I will be one of your “regulars” and look forward to my next visit!  ~ Tanis

The meals I made on Saturday were for my Mom to help make her life a little easier. She called me last nite after she had the salmon dish. She absolutely loved it! She couldn't stop raving about how delicious it was. She tells me she will be telling all her friends about Supper Central and when she gets better she plans to visit your store & begin to assemble some meals on her own.  Congrats! Supper Central is pretty awesome. ~Michele

We just finished eating the Honey Dijon Chicken.  Wow!!  It was great and easy to prepare!!  our children loved this dish.  It is harder and harder to prepare meals for children to provide variety and spark interests in different foods.  Too many times  we get stuck in a routine of food.  This was a great change and one that we want to experience even more.  We wish you lots of luck in your new venture.  We will be back.  My children are already asking what is for dinner tomorrow night !!  ~ Lee H.

More About Us

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Our Promotions

Vicinity Reward Card

Start a Vicinity reward card today!  For every meal you purchase, we will add points to your Vicinity Card, which is attached to your phone number so you don't even have to have it with you!  Customers are responsible for requesting points to be added to their card at the time of the transaction, as it is a separate system than our point of sale.

Earn points as below:

Full meal = 2 points

Half meal = 1 point

7-day Heat & Eat pack = 2 points

3 Heat & Eat meals = 1 point

Redeem your rewards as below:

15 point = $10 off

25 points = free half size meal

50 points = free full size meal

Give 'n Get Referral Program

We are currently reviewing our Referral Program.  _ Stay tuned for update.

Private Parties

Looking for an excuse for an evening out?  How about hosting your own Private Party?  Invite up to eight to twelve of your friends and family members and have our store exclusively for your party!  We can turn up the tunes and enjoy some great complementary appetizers while you and your guests assemble your meal selections.Party Requirements:

  • We ask that you have a minimum of eight guests at your Private Party.
  • Each guest must order a minimum of 3 meals (full or half sizes).
  • All orders must be in 2 days prior to your party
  • If meeting these requirements isn't possible, we may suggest other options to your group (ie. all guests booking together into one of our public sessions, etc.)

Party Benefits:

There are many benefits to our private parties, and with the previous criteria met, there are even some perks!

    • As a host, you receive the value of your guests average order in the form of a discount on your order the night of the party!  Our hosts are seeing discounts of anywhere from $50 - $150!*  Consider this your gift from us for organizing your friends for a fun night out at Supper Central.
    • All other guests who assemble 5 meals or more, receive 10% of their total bill from their party in the form of a Supper Central gift certificate to use at their next visit.

We also have some great fundraising opportunities for your group or organization!  Contact us at 290.0909 to book your meal assembly private party or to speak to us about fundraising!

*Your discount will be based on the value of your guests' orders.

The Supper Central Team

As of January 1, 2018,

I will be the new owner/operator of Supper Central. I look forward to meeting our existing and new clients in the upcoming months.

Louise Nowak


We are very proud to present to you Tracy, Courtney, Melissa, Maddy, Alaura, Hannah, Jami, and Jillian as your Supper Central Team!  We know they will all take great care of you while you are in the store and do their best to answer all of your meal assembly questions!

We also now offer many catering options. Keep watching our website for that new option.

Are you looking for a rewarding and fun work environment?  We encourage you to submit your resume to us for any future job openings!