Where can I find cooking instructions for my meals?

Each meal is sent home with easy to follow cooking instruction card, but if for any reason you need to find the cooking instructions, simply log into your Supper Central account.  Click on "My Account" in the top right corner.  Then click "View"  and select the meal you need instructions for. You can also call into the store at 204.290.0909 and we will help your out or email you the instructions!

How many people does each meal feed?

Our full size packaged meals serve 4-6 people.  Our half size packaged meals serve 2-3 people. Almost all meals are available in both sizes.

How much time will it take to assemble my meals at Supper Central?

For the time it takes you to plan, shop, chop and clean up for one meal, you can assemble at least 5 meals!  We allocate approximately 5-10 per meal.  Some take longer than others, but for the most part, they are pretty quick!  

I am cooking-challenged!  Can I do it?

Absolutely!  Our easy, step by step instructions can make a cook out of anyone!  Leave our meals for the babysitter or your teenager to make up, or even your cooking-challenged spouse!  

Can I provide feedback to Supper Central?

We would love to hear any opinions you have regarding our meals, store, and staff!  You can rate our meals in your Account, or send us an email at info@suppercentral.ca to tell us what you think!

How many guests can I invite to my private party?

In order to qualify for our Private Party Benefits, we ask that a minimum of 8 guests be invited to your party.  The maximum number of guests that we can accommodate is about 18.  Our private parties can be scheduled any Wednesday or Thursday evening.  Check out our "How It Works" page for more info!

Can you accommodate those with allergies?

Please refer to our Allery Policy in our Policies section.  A link is available at the bottom of this webpage.

Is your establishment licensed?

We are not licensed and we do not provide alcoholic beverages, however private party hosts can obtain an individual liquor license through the MLCC for special events such as birthdays, showers, etc..  Give us a call and we can give you more information.

If you obtain a temporary liquor license, apply at an MLCC outlet or "the winehouse" is just next door, so feel free to bring in your drink of choice, as we do not charge a corking fee.  MLCC also provides you with the option to apply for your temporary liquor license online at MyLGA.ca

How can I safely thaw my meals?

We suggest that you thaw your meals in your refrigerator for at least 24 hours prior to cooking.  Even consider bringing out a couple to use during the next few days!

How are meals prepare at home?

Some meals are as easy as throwing in the crockpot before work.  Others can be thrown in the oven when you get home.  And some require a few more preparation steps on the stovetop, but our easy to follow cooking instructions are made for even the rookie cook!

Can I bring in my own baking dishes?

Our meals go home in foil baking pans or freezer bags, but if you would like to make a "greener" meal, we welcome your freezable baking dishes and plastic containers.

Can I customize my meals?

We have tested our meals with the specific quantities stated in the assembly instructions for optimal results.  If your family has likes and dislikes, feel free to tailor your meal to remove or include ingredients!  We can also offer some of our meals as gluten or dairy free...just ask us!

How do I get my meals home?

We ask that all assemblers and pick up customers bring along a cooler, laundry basket, or reuseable shopping bags to be able to transport your meal home.

What is the benefit to making an Account?

When you make yourself an account, you can:

  • review and update session information/orders prior to a scheduled session
  • keep track of orders from previous sessions
  • print cooking instructions from previous orders
  • rate the quality of our meals for your future reference
  • schedule sessions faster